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About us

We are a company Tour Operator and Travel Peru.

That complies with all the requirements of the DRIT (Regional Directorate of Industry and Tourism), and PROMPERU (The Subdirectorate of Tourism Promotion of the Peruvian State) to run tourist services.

Our itineraries are based exclusively on tourist circuits of Peru and its different tourist attractions.

We offer Machu Picchu tours and adventure tours. In addition, we offer you the most complete guide of tourism trips and vacations in Peru, in which you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Each itinerary that we offer in our company is prepared to the measure of the foreign or national tourist, considering the modification of the itinerary according to the convenience of our clients.

We believe that safety and quality of services is our commitment to our tourists. That is why we strive to satisfy your needs and requirements.


Our mission is to offer unique experiences of tourism activities throughout Peru, while contributing to the welfare of needy children with low resources.

We are committed to provide exceptional tourism packages and allocate part of our resources to support projects that improve the quality of life of these low-income children.

We aspire to be a responsible and solidary company, generating a positive impact in the Andean communities of Peru.

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Our vision is to be Peru’s preferred tour company, offering unique experiences that inspire travelers to explore, discover and enjoy Peru’s most fascinating destinations.

We strive to provide impeccable service, exceeding our clients’ expectations and creating unforgettable memories on every trip.

We strive to make a difference in the lives of the children we help, providing them with opportunities for education, health and development.


  1. Our goal is to be recognized for our quality, passion for travel and commitment to sustainability, thus contributing to the responsible development of the communities and destinations we visit.
  2. To offer a wide range of tour packages and adventure tours that adapt to the different profiles and preferences of our clients, providing exciting and personalized options.
  3. Provide safe, exciting and memorable travel experiences, ensuring the quality of services and the professionalism of guides and operators in all activities.
  4. Establish strategic alliances with local suppliers and reliable tour operators in different destinations to ensure authenticity of experiences and compliance with quality standards.
  5. Encourage sustainability and respect for the environment in all tourism activities, promoting responsible practices and educating clients about the importance of conservation.
  6. Boost the promotion and dissemination of tourism packages and adventure tours, using effective marketing strategies and taking advantage of online platforms and social networks.
  7. Provide exceptional customer service, from the inquiry and booking phase to the completion of the experience, exceeding expectations and creating lasting relationships with customers.
  8. Constantly innovate in the creation of new tourism products and activities, to offer fresh and exciting options that adapt to market trends and demands.
  9. Regularly measure and evaluate customer satisfaction, gathering feedback and comments to identify areas for improvement and ensure excellence in service delivery.
  10. Establish social responsibility programs that support the education and welfare of children in disadvantaged communities, through donations and concrete actions.
  11. Allocate a percentage of the company’s profits to fund educational and development projects in disadvantaged areas, focused on improving the quality of life of children.
  12. Establish continuous training and education programs for staff, ensuring a highly qualified team that is knowledgeable about the destinations and activities offered.




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Specialized Sales Advisor


Specialized Sales Advisor


Specialized Sales Advisor


In RAPTRAVEL we seek a responsible tourism activity. We seek to be actors and not simple observers, we promote the improvement of the quality of life of the population that owns the tourist attraction and we conserve our environment by controlling our impact that involves this activity. Thus we consider that the main promoters of this sustainable tourism are you, the tourists, for preferring and choosing Peru as a majestic tourist destination.


RAPTRAVEL is committed to two Christian principles: “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Help those in need”. Our training based on these principles guide us to always keep in mind that people are the most important in all our operations, not only those who make up our staff, but also those who are part of the communities where activities are developed.

These are the reasons that inspire and strengthen us because we believe that there is nothing greater than helping those in need.

We are people who love people

Check one of the projects that we support LOS ANGELITOS DE SION.

We are accredited


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