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Candelabro en la reserva nacional de Paracas

Ballestas, Paracas, Pisco Route & Nazca Lines

2 days and 1 night Tour: History - Adventure Min: 2 persons
Carol B
Breathtaking views beyond describable lifetime adventure Very informitive and beautiful views wonderful pictures. I have already sent word to family they MUST come see!! The guides were friendly and helpful!!!
Heath A
Amazing Experience!! An absolute once in a lifetime experience I will never forget! We were met by our guide immediately when stepping out of the train station and he was very friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend anyone coming to Peru to book through Rap Travel Peru!!!
John V
Totally unforgettable!! I was an amazing experience from start to finish. Every checkpoint was smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone!!!
nick d
Amazing time at Machu Picchu!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏 Had amazing time with some amazing people from rap travel the guide was amazing and very knowledgeable and attentive of everything that he was showing us had great insight and information and made it to where we can understand and enjoy what we were looking at in the history of the site!!!!!👏👏👏📣📣📣📣
Adriano M
Passeios Maravilhosos e equipe receptiva Equipe super prestativa, desde a reserva até os guias turísticos. Fomos atendidos pelo brasileiro Luis, que estava sempre a disposição para ajudar com quaisquer dúvidas ou problemas. Os guias também foram super receptivos e bem dispostos a ajudar. Recomendo 100%
Yoselin A
Mejores Días en Perú Desde el primer día la atención y servicio fueron excelentes, muy buenas recomendaciones sobre lugares donde comer, conocer y los mejores guías/fotógrafos. Gracias por recibirnos!
Castro Díaz D
Experiencia increíble en Perú Mi estancia en Cusco con la agencia RAP Travel fue increíble, nos hicieron sentir como en casa desde que llegamos a la ciudad, los tours, guías, atención, todo fue demasiada buena. Recomendable para que vengan a conocer Perú de la mejor manera.
Marco F
Nuestro viaje a Perú. Todo fantástico!! Nos encantó las atenciones de RAP Travel Perú y de todo su personal. Los tours bien planificados, puntuales. Todo A1, nos vamos súper contentos con el servicio. Los recomendamos al 1000%, el cooking class traditional fue excelente. El ceviche de trucha y lomo de alpaca para chuparse los dedos.
Madrily D
Experiencias en Cusco. La experiencia en Perú, fue muy placentera. Nos encantó todo nuestro viaje, la compañía RAP Travel Perú. Nos ayudó muchísimo con la planificación con este viaje. 100% recomendado.
Silvia R
Viaje mágico Excelente experiencia con la agencia rap travel , todos fueron muy amables y nos ayudaron a armar nuestro paquete turístico de acuerdo a nuestras necesidades


Description Tour in Ica and the Pisco Route

With the tour in Ica and Pisco Route or the Tour to the Ballestas Islands, Paracas, Pisco Route & Nazca Lines tour”, you will get to know Ica from the Ballestas Islands and the Paracas Reserve with its unique flora and fauna, as well as its valleys, crops, vineyards and wineries. A tour for nature lovers, the observation of animals that do not exist in other latitudes, for lovers of good wine and distilled brand Peru: we will visit the cellars of Pisco in Ica and for those who love history and are not afraid of heights to observe with attention and amazement the overflight of the Nazca Lines.

THE TOUR IN ICA, treasures many secrets in the desert. In the valley, good grapes abound to make pisco and wine and it is there where the first vineyards in South America were harvested, brought by the Spaniards from the other side of the Atlantic. Ica stands out for its extensive agriculture and agro-export, located in the middle of the Pacific Desert. Important are the cultivation of grapes, asparagus, date palms, pecan nuts, cotton, mangoes, avocados, among many other products, many of which make the valley one of the most successful cases of agro-export.

WINE is a beverage obtained from grapes through the alcoholic fermentation of its must or juice, and PISCO is a liquor obtained by distilling fermented Pisco grapes brought by the Spanish conquistadors to fertile lands in South America.

It was made from grapes that were not used for wine production. Peruvian pisco is made only from selected grape varieties grown in certain regions of coastal Peru. The varieties of Pisco grapes that are used to make Peruvian Pisco are non-aromatic, among them; Quebranta, Mollar and Negra común and aromatic such as; Moscatel, Albilla, Italia and Torontel.

Here we will learn about winemaking: Harvest, destemming, vatting and cold maceration, alcoholic fermentation and devatting. Harvest: It is the first step in the production of Pisco. Destemming: It is the process by which the rachis or stick is removed from the bunches of grapes. Maceration: the crushed grapes, with pulp, skin and seeds or pips are left for a few days so that the juice or must that contains them and with the fermentation already started, acquires the typical characteristics of each type of Pisco grape, especially that which is in the grape skins.

Pressing, the grapes are pressed or the solids are drained from the macerating grapes, leaving the liquid or must, free of solids so that it can finish its fermentation and fermentation: The must, now 100% liquid, continues fermentation, which is a natural process carried out by the yeasts contained in the grapes. This process lasts approximately 14 days and at the end of this period the sweet juice of the grape becomes a must or wine (alcoholized).

Distillation: It is one of the most important stages in the elaboration of Pisco, this is only done in stills or falcas. Distillation is the action of eliminating the undesirable components of the must or wine by boiling it, thus separating and purifying the components. Resting: Pisco must rest for at least 3 months or more. The resting is done in innocuous tanks to reach an optimal level and enhance its organoleptic characteristics before being bottled, only in glass or ceramic containers, the Pisco is filtered to eliminate any natural residue it may have, all this is part of the Tour in Ica and Pisco Route.

THE NAZCA LINES are ancient geoglyphs1 found in the pampas of Jumana, in the Nazca desert, between the towns of Nazca and Palpa, in the department of Ica. They were traced by the Nazca culture and are composed of several hundred figures ranging from designs as simple as lines to complex zoomorphic, phytomorphic and geometric figures traced on the earth’s surface.

Technically, the Nazca lines have a small deviation. Probably, the Nazcas used ropes to avoid deviations in the tracing of the nearly 1,000 straight lines, some of them several kilometers long, and drew the nearly 800 animal figures by translating scale models to large grids made with stakes and cords. Then, the exceptional climate of the region where it practically does not rain rewarded the ingenuity of those humans preserving their work.

Enjoy the Ica Tour and Pisco Route


  • Lima (30 masl)
  • Paracas (7 masl)
  • Ica (406 masl)
  • Nazca (520 masl)


Day 1: Lima – Paracas – Ica

  • Beginning of the Paracas National Reserve Tour: 03.45 hrs We will depart from Lima to Paracas by CRUZ DEL SUR (Av. Javier Prado).
  • 07.15 hrs Arrival at Paracas Bay, we will have assistance at the terminal and transfer to the pier El Chaco.
  • Ballestas Islands Tour: 08.00 hrs BALLESTAS ISLANDS: At the pier we will board the boat, we will appreciate the Candelabro, a large geoglyph that serves as a lighthouse for sailors. The Ballestas Islands of Pisco are composed of rocky formations where you can find an important marine fauna with guano birds, you can also see Peruvian penguins, varieties of sea lions (sea lions and sea lions) and other mammals. The entire visit will last approximately 2 hours.
  • 10.30 hrs Return to El Chaco pier.
  • 11.00 hrs PARACAS NATIONAL RESERVE: we will visit the Interpretation Center, where we will be given detailed and didactic information about the fauna and flora of the area, then we will go to La Catedral this impressive rock formation is 28 to 40 million years old and resembled a giant cathedral; we will also stop at the viewpoint Supay Beach to appreciate a landscape of cliffs, and move on to the beautiful beach of Yumaque, we will explore this beach of clear sands.
  • 13.00 hrs We will be transported to live an adventure in the desert of Ica, where we will find a great variety of dunes. With the buggies or sand carts we will go up and down these sand hills and we will be able to observe the desert landscapes.
  • Adventure Tour: We will have more adrenaline with the adventure of Sandboarding, unforgettable experience with the board in the sand, this adventure sport will be under the guidance of our instructor.
  • Free time for lunch.
  • Tour through the Pisco Routes: Afterwards, we will go to a wine cellar to learn about the process and the tasting of Peruvian wines and piscos. WINE is a beverage obtained from the grape through the alcoholic fermentation of its must or juice and PISCO is a spirit obtained by distillation of fermented pisco grapes brought by the Spanish conquistadors to fertile lands of South America.
  • It was made from grapes that were not used for wine production. Peruvian pisco is made only from selected grape varieties grown in certain regions of coastal Peru. The first vineyards were planted in the valley of Ica, around 1550. The wine industry was prosperous until the 17th century, when the Spanish crown prohibited the importation of Peruvian wines, as they competed with those from the peninsula.
  • What the national wineries did was to turn to the production of the distilled grape liquor known as pisco. Today, this area concentrates a large number of wineries, and 85 of them still use the same artisanal techniques for the production of our flagship liquor.
  • The varieties of Pisco grapes that are used to make Peruvian Pisco are non-aromatic, such as Quebranta, Mollar and Negra común and aromatic such as Moscatel, Albilla, Italia and Torontel.
  • 17.00 hrs we will transfer you to the hotel so you can rest. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



Day 2: Nazca Lines – Lima

  • 07.00 hrs Breakfast at the hotel.
  • 09.00 hrs We will go to the airport, we must pay the use of the airfield, we will board the plane.
  • Start of the Nazca Lines Overflight: 10.00 hrs we start the Nazca Lines overflight with a clear sky for the best visibility. The Nazca Lines can only be truly appreciated from the sky, however, they come from a time when there were no aerial flights.   The Nazca Lines vary from simple lines and geometric shapes to complex figures, which is why they are so mysterious.
  • 12.00 hrs Departure from the airfield and return to Lima, stopping for lunch on the way.
  • 20.00 hrs Arrival to the city of Lima, we will drop you off at the hotel.




  • Transfers Hotel/Ica/Hotel
  • Equipped Tourist Mobility
  • Boat and life jackets
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish – English)
  • Assistance during the stay in Paracas Ica
  • Ballestas Islands Excursion
  • Excursion Paracas Reserve
  • Pisco Route Excursion


  • SERNANP and Tourist Pier Tax S/18.00
  • Tax for use of the Aerodrome S/. 30.00
  • International and domestic flights
  • Meals not mentioned in the program
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips


  • Wear sneakers
  • Comfortable pants (jeans)
  • Light clothing for the day
  • Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent
  • Sun hat or cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Small backpack: Snacks and mineral water



Ballestas, Paracas, Pisco Route & Nazca Lines


Minimum 02 people


  • Transfers Hotel/Ica/Hotel
  • Equipped Tourist Mobility
  • Boat and life jackets
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish – English)
  • Assistance during the stay in Paracas Ica
  • Ballestas Islands Excursion
  • Excursion Paracas Reserve
  • Pisco Route Excursion

Photo Gallery The best of the Tour!

  • Tour Completo en Ica y Pisco, Tour a las Islas Ballestas Ica2
  • Tour Completo en Ica y Pisco, Tour a las Islas Ballestas Ica1
  • Tour Completo en Ica y Pisco, Tour a las Islas Ballestas Ica4
  • Visita al Festival de la Vendimia Ica, Fiesta de la Vendimia Ica3
  • Tour Completo en Ica y Pisco, Tour a las Islas Ballestas Ica5
  • City Tour Ica2
  • Tour Lineas de Nazca y Petroglifos de Palpa, Reloj Solar de Palpa
  • Tour Lineas de Nazca y Petroglifos de Palpa, Reloj Solar de Palpa5
  • Tour en el Cementerio de Chauchilla Ica, Taller de Cerámica en Ica3

Frequently Asked Questions about Ballestas Islands, Paracas, Pisco Route & Nazca Lines

The grape varieties used to make Peruvian pisco include Quebranta, Mollar, Negra común, and aromatic grapes such as Moscatel, Albilla, Italia, and Torontel.

The Nazca Lines overflight is best done on a day with clear skies for optimal visibility. Tours are scheduled according to weather conditions.

For the “Ica and Pisco Route Tour,” wear lightweight clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a light jacket, sunglasses, a camera, travel documents, money, a water bottle, a small backpack, any necessary medications, and an extra memory card.

The weather during the “Ica and Pisco Route Tour” varies depending on the season and the region you visit. In general:

  • Lima has a subtropical desert climate with mild temperatures, ranging from 15°C to 25°C.
  • Paracas is warm during the day, with highs of over 25°C in summer and cooler nights around 15°C.
  • Ica has a climate similar to Paracas, with highs exceeding 30°C in summer and nights around 15-20°C.
  • Nazca has similar weather conditions to Ica, with summer highs of over 30°C and nighttime lows around 15-20°C.

The “Ica and Pisco Route Tour” is suitable for seniors and children, but consider factors like seasickness on boats, physical activity on the dunes, walking in wineries, and the airplane flight. Prepare for weather conditions and consult with the tour company if you have specific concerns.









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