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Petroglifos de toro muerto - Arequipa

Discover and Explore the Majestic Valley of the Volcanoes in Arequipa with Rap Travel Peru

Volcanoes Valley Tour

5 days and 4 nights Tour: Adventure Min: 2 persons
Murilo S
Ótima experiência! Representante da agência sempre a disposição. Guia prestativo e comunicativo, bom local para realizar as refeições. Recomendo utilizarem o representante brasileiro Luis! Muito atencioso e prestativo.
Murilo S
Ótima experiência, recomendo demais!! Vistas incríveis, guia muito bom e todo o apoio prestado pelo Luis, colaborador da agência. Foi muito fácil e prático viajar com a RAP
Elias Pereira
Incrível País incrível e receptivo... Acessória completa em todos os passeios... Destaque para o a gente de Turismo Luiz Carlos Brasileiro, que me deu todo suporte necessário desde a chegada ao Peru e assessoria em todos os Tours... Gracias RAP TRAVEL PERU
Una Aventura increíble en Machupicchu Estuvimos por más de 1 semana recorriendo todo el Perú con la agencia Rap Travel, nos vamos muy contentos porque nos cumplieron con todo y más por lo que recomendamos a esta agencia todo muy coordinado y principalmente Carlitos Vizcarra el mejor guía estaremos pronto de vuelta gracias por todo
Patricia C
Una experiencia única en Perú y Machupicchu Contratamos los servicios de Rap Travel Perú, fue una experiencia muy hermosa, todo estuvo muy organizado el transporte a tiempo los guías muy profesionales todo muy coordinado y u. Saludo muy especial para Carlos y José que estuvieron super 100 % recomendados, volveremos pronto
Leann C
10/10 would recommend Our tour guide did such an awesome job! They made you feel like a part of the family so thank you!!
Amir N
The trip of a lifetime! My best friend and I chose this tour to celebrate our 30th Birthdays - it was Amazing!!! We had a really nice time visiting Cusco, Machu Picchu and going to the Rainbow Mountain. The tour guides were really nice and we told us a lot about everything. We visited in November and for Machu Picchu this was amazing - it was misty in the morning and sunny by mid-morning, so we got to see it with all weather types. Highly recommend going at 6am and spending most of the day there - circuit 2 and 4 were great! We even hiked up one of the mountains. Carlos, Judy, and Wilson were great and really educated us about each site.
Fotios S
Great way to experience Peru The tour was a great way to experience Cusco, the sacred valley, Machu Picchu and the Vinicunca mountain. We only had 4 full days, and it was the right amount of time. I was there with my best friend celebrating our 30th, so we will always cherish this moment. The tour guides (Carlos, Judy, and Wilson) were very friendly and knowledgeable. They helped us get immersed to the history of the Incas, and made us feel comfortable throughout the trip. The accommodation provided as part of the package was very adequate, and the overall experience was great.
Encantos en Cusco Estamos muy contentos con los servicios que hemos recibido. Desde el recojo en el aeropuerto, fueron puntuales con un cartel con nuestro nombre. La habitacion que pedimos fue hermosa en el hotel Mayu con vista a la calle 7 borreguitos, Royer nos atendio muy bien 10/10. La agencia se comunicaba con nosotros todos los dias, para saber como nos hiba en el tour o si es que necesitamos ayuda. Realmente muy serviciales. En aguas Calientes Daniel, estuvo atento con nosostros . El tour en Machu Picchu fue realmente magico. Tenemos que agradecer mucho a Alicia por el tour bien planificado y a Jose Angel por todas las atenciones todos los dias, nunca nos dejo solos.
Servicio de calidad Buena atención, personalizada, se adecuan a las necesidades, escuchan sugerencias y son muy amables, muchas gracias!


Description Volcanoes Valley Tour Arequipa

With the Tour Valle de los Volcanes Arequipa or “Valley of the Volcanoes”, you can visit the Geopark and the hidden Pearl of Castile, a waterfall and see the largest bird in the world. Ideal for those who love beautiful landscapes, adventure and seeing the Condor.

Adventure VALLEY OF THE VOLCANOES, is located in the department of Arequipa. In it runs the Andagua River from north to south, the area is home to several volcanoes including the Antaymarca, around it are more than a dozen volcanoes, highlighting the twins Shipee and Jonson. The highest volcano is Pucamauras at 350 meters above sea level.

There is a basaltic lava fault in the valley. The Andagua fault is 500 to 800 masl lower than the Huambo fault. The presence of lava is due to the multiple eruption of small volcanoes. These volcanoes emerged by the degassing of lavas or eruptions from the magma and the formation of the valley dates from two hundred thousand years ago.

The Panahua Waterfall Trekking, is a natural resource that is located in the district of Orcopampa, the peculiarity of this natural resource despite the fact that it is a waterfall, is that most of the time presents its waters completely frozen.

The waterfall of Panahua presents a height of fifty meters and in fact, its attractiveness lies in the solid state of its waters. The way from the entrance of the waterfall as an excursion to the Panahua waterfall to the same resource, comprises a path of 600 meters that can be completed in less than 20 minutes. As it has entrance control, the Panahua waterfall can only be visited from 8 am – 3.00 pm. Among the activities that can be done at the waterfall are trekking and bird watching. The path that presents this waterfall, also allows access to interesting trails such as caves, ritual scenarios of payments to the Apus, among others.

From the MIRADOR DE LA CRUZ DEL CONDOR, we will be able to delight ourselves with the flight of the Condor, this majestic bird in danger of extinction that inhabits the canyon. Its varied fauna will also allow the traveler to enjoy the presence of animals such as alpaca, vicuña, vizcachas, foxes, pumas, eagles, hawks and owls.

Enjoy Arequipa Volcanoes Valley Tour


  • Arequipa (2,335 masl)
  • Toro Muerto (400 – 800 masl)
  • Panahua Waterfall (3,779 masl)
  • Andagua (3,560 masl)
  • Cruz del Condor Viewpoint (3,800 masl)


Day 1: Arequipa – Toro Muerto and Querulpa Petroglyphs

  • 05.00 hrs Pick up from the hotel in the circuit of the Plaza de Armas.
  • We will board the vehicle to go through the Majes valley to Corire, the closest town to the pretoglyphs and visit Toro Muerto, a place where we will find more than 6,000 thousand engraved stones with phytomorphic, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and geometric shapes. We will have the opportunity to know in situ the historical legacy of our pre-Columbian cultures such as: Wari, Chuquibamba and Inca excursions, this tour will last 03 hrs.
  •  Then we will go to QUERULPA, place where we will appreciate the dinosaur footprints, from this place we will have a spectacular view of the entire valley of majes.
  • Lunch, this day we will enjoy a delicious lunch of shrimp.
  • Continuing with our trip. We will arrive to the beautiful Andenerias of the Viraco Valley, Capiza and Machaguay town, famous for its fighting bulls, spectacular view of the pre-Inca terraces, still cultivated very close to the Nevado Coropuna (6,400 meters above sea level).
  • We will advance to Andagua, a city tour requipa known for its chains of inactive volcanoes but with a lot of presence over the place. This city was created during the independence period.
  • Here it is possible to appreciate a set of several volcanoes, the Chilcayoc and Jechapita and large lava flows, the Chachas lagoon and the Chila mountain range. In addition, you can visit some archaeological remains of the Arunis, among which are the domestic architecture, tombs and chullpas and where you can see rooms, courtyards and alleys that communicated with the houses. Also, the route offers diverse species of flora and fauna, especially birds, among which 44 of the 76 species existing in the valley have been identified.
  • Overnight stay in family homes.



Day 2: Hike To Antamarca – Twin Volcanoes

  • This second day, we will have breakfast very early and then get ready for the tour to the Mirador de Antaymarca through volcanic lava trails and archaeological sites.
  • We will visit the city tour Mirador Carmen Alto Interpretative Soporo, which is located 5 km from the citadel of Andagua, where we will have a panoramic view of the 32 volcanoes that surround the town of Andagua. Hike to the Andagua Lagoon to see endemic and migratory birds such as Andean geese and Andean ducks.
  • Lunch with local products at El Paraíso Country Restaurant.
  • In the afternoon we will trek to the representative volcanoes of the town of Andagua “Los Mellizos”, a hike of medium difficulty, with a local guide. To get to the “Mellizos”, leaving from the square of Andagua is an hour walk.
  • They are located at an approximate altitude of 3700 meters above sea level, are part and are the representative icon of the well-known Valley of the Andagua Volcanoes, are two volcanic cones that have the same geomorphological characteristics, are monogenic volcanoes (origin in a single lava emanation), consisting of dark material and basic lava, the cones have altitudes of 181 and 138 meters.
  • The main tourist attraction of Arequipa is to observe the prismatic morphology of the cones and domes of scoria lava, is one of the most interesting areas to visit. Also, reaching the top of these volcanoes become natural viewpoints; you can appreciate the town of Andagua, its countryside and the volcanoes Quechapita, Yana Maura, Chilcayoc Chico, Chilcayoc Grande, kanallamauras.
  • Preparation of dinners in houses and also the overnight stay in Andagua.



Day 3: Ayas, Chachas and Orcopampa

  • Chachas is at 3,000 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Jojolloche, Cóndor Sencca (condor’s nose) and Juisha hills. In the first of them there is a viewpoint from where you can see the town and the nature that surrounds it, as well as its lagoon.
  • At the foot of the Jojolloche hill and the petrified lava is the Challahuire river adventure, as well as the waterfall of the same name. The tributary descends from Orcopampa, Andagua, the Chachas lagoon, to then continue its journey and get lost in the subway in the area of Cangrejal. After that, the water flows again in the Mamacocha lagoon in the district of Ayo, known as the largest spring.
  • Breakfast at Andagua Casas vivenciales.
  • We will board the bus to go to the town of Ayo, we will make a tour towards the Mamacocha Lagoon, an oasis in the volcanic desert of Castilla.  A legend says that the lagoon was a plain where the population was installed, in one of the parties came a beggar asking for food, but no one attended him, except for a lady, who later the old man invited him to flee the village because something bad would happen, the condition was not to look back. But in the Juisha hill, the woman and her daughter turned around and were petrified and turned into rocks.
  • Others say that due to the eruptions, the lava diverted the Challahuire river adventure and flooded the town to then stay as Chachas lagoon and that is why In the surroundings you can find traces of the houses where the ancient settlers lived, so also, we will visit the archaeological remains of Mamacocha.
  • Lunch with shrimp and local products from the town of Ayo.
  • We will visit the town of Chachas and the Mirador de Jojolloque, the Church of the Immaculate of Chachas. After this wonderful visit we will go to the town of Orcopampa.
  • Dinner and overnight in a lodge.



Day 4: Panagua Waterfall

  • On the way back to the white city we will visit the Panahua waterfalls on the way.
  • Arrival to Chivay for lunch and visit to the thermal baths.
  • Dinner and overnight in Chivay.



Day 5: Panagua Waterfall

  • 05.00 hrs We will have breakfast very early in Chivay and leave for the Cruz del Condor.
  • 08.00 hrs approx. We will arrive to the Cruz del Condor tour, where we will be able to appreciate the majestic flight of the condors, we will also appreciate the canyon (1200 m deep from this point).
  • The Incas believed that the Condor was immortal. According to the myth, when the animal feels that it is beginning to age and that its strength is running out, it perches on the highest and most protruding peak of the mountains, folds its wings, picks up its legs and falls to the bottom of the ravines, where its reign ends. This death is symbolic, since with this act the condor returns to the nest, to the mountains, from where it is reborn towards a new cycle, a new life.
  • The CONDOR symbolized strength, intelligence and exaltation. It was an animal respected by all those who lived in the Andes since times before the discovery of America, since it not only brought good and bad omens, but it was also responsible for the sun to rise every morning, because with its energy it was able to take the star and raise it over the mountains initiating the life cycle.
  • On the return to Arequipa city tour we will make tourist stops such as: Patapampa, Vizcachani, the Pampa Cañahuas Reserve.
  • Arrival to Arequipa, we will leave you at your hotel.




  • Private tourist mobility
  • Full board for the 4 days
  • Lodging in an experiential house
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees to tourist centers


  • First breakfast and last dinner
  • Snacks
  • Mineral water
  • Gratuity
  • Personal expenses


  • Small backpack
  • Mineral water
  • Snacks
  • Thin and thick clothes
  • Trekking shoes
  • Hat or cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses



Valley of the Volcanoes


Minimum 02 persons


  • Private tourist mobility
  • Full board for the 4 days
  • Lodging in an experiential house
  • Local guide
  • Entrance fees to tourist centers

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Valley of the Volcanoes

The average duration of the hike to Mirador de Antaymarca is typically about 4 to 5 hours, depending on the group’s pace and the terrain conditions.

No, the hike to the Twin Volcanoes is not very difficult. It is of moderate difficulty, suitable for individuals with basic physical fitness. The terrain can vary, including hills and mountain trails, but it is not extremely challenging.

For the hike to the Twin Volcanoes, you will be provided with essential items like trekking poles. They may also provide safety equipment such as helmets and flashlights. Be sure to confirm the details with the specific tour agency.

At Mirador de Jojolloche, you can enjoy a panoramic view of 32 volcanoes around Andagua and take photographs. You can also explore the area and learn about its history and geology with the assistance of a tour guide.

Typically, the thermal baths in Chivay open in the morning, around 9:00 a.m., and remain open until the afternoon, closing around 6:00 p.m. However, please note that these hours can vary, so it’s advisable to verify the exact schedule during your visit. These baths offer relaxing thermal waters and amenities such as changing rooms, showers, and rest areas for visitors.

The Valley of the Volcanoes is situated in the department of Arequipa, Peru, and stretches along the Andagua River, surrounded by a dozen volcanoes, including Antaymarca and the Twin Shipee and Jonson volcanoes.

The highest volcano in the Valley of the Volcanoes is Pucamauras, with an elevation of 350 meters above sea level.

At Panahua Waterfall, you can engage in trekking and bird watching. The trail leading to the waterfall also allows access to interesting places such as caves and ritual sites.

It is advisable to book the Valley of the Volcanoes Tour in Arequipa in advance, especially during the high season, which is typically from June to August. For this season, book at least 2-3 months in advance. During the low season, such as from December to March, you can book a few weeks ahead. For holidays or large groups, book well in advance. Contact the tour agency to check specific availability for your travel dates. Booking in advance secures your spot and simplifies planning.

The best time to visit the Valley of the Volcanoes in Arequipa is usually during the dry and mild season, from June to August, with stable weather and clear views. The low season, from December to March, offers fewer crowds but colder temperatures and occasional sporadic rains. Your choice depends on your personal preferences.









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