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Travel to Peru: advantages to enjoy tourism

Travel to Peru: advantages to enjoy tourism

advantages to enjoy tourism

Those who find in the exploration of the world a vocation know of certain destinations that will always claim to return. Whether it is France, Mexico, the United States or Peru, whose wonders are not exhausted in a single itinerary; going there is not just one, but multiple trips to Peru. In this regard, we list some of the tourist and natural attractions for which you will surely want to return.

1. Magical landscapes: places to visit in Peru

The views of the Andes Mountains bear witness to one of Peru’s vastest ecosystems. However, throughout the national territory the landscape is diversified in seas, deserts, jungles, mountains, moors and glaciers.

2. Main cities of Peru: among the most beautiful in the world


The territory of Cusco is characterized by impressive landscapes among which stand out the Red Valley of Pitumarca, so called because of the color that the mineralization process has given to the rocks or the Seven Colored Mountain of Palcoyo, famous for this fascinating quality and for being home to some of the most representative animal species, such as llamas, alpacas, condors and vizcachas. And for a relaxing experience in the middle of nature, the Thermo-medicinal baths of Lares or the thermal waters of Cocalmayo are not to be missed.

Machu Picchu

It is said that knowing Machu Picchu is reason enough to travel to Peru, because the mysticism of the Inca citadel induces a state of communion with nature and an intuitive knowledge of ancestral America. Besides being one of the main tourist sites in Peru, this ceremonial center was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 and is on the list of the 10 wonders of the modern world.


Located north of Lima, this sacred city is the oldest in Latin America, since it is estimated that the development of this civilization took place at the same time as Mesopotamia, China, India and Egypt. In addition, in this area there are pyramids around 5,000 years old.


The third most inhabited city in Peru is famous for its cultural, urban and architectural heritage. If you are in this area, you cannot miss the Chan, Huacas del Sol and Huacas de la Luna. The first of them, declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity.


Also called “White City”, it is another of the tourist places in Peru that cannot be missing in your route. It is the second most important city in the field of industrial production in the country and it is home to the Constitutional Court. Its historic center was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.


The country’s capital is also its best known city, but other factors reaffirm its position among the first stops for travelers. For example, being a city overlooking the sea and having a historic center declared a World Heritage Site. Among the tours you should not miss are a visit to the Plaza de Armas, the City Hall building and the Government Palace.

3. Unforgettable destinations in Lima

4. A gastronomy that has captivated the world

The places to visit in Peru are reached first through its dishes. It is not in vain that this country has been considered the best culinary destination in the world in five consecutive editions of the World Travel Awards. During your trips to Peru you can enjoy the specialty cuisine offered by the restaurants of Virgilio Martinez or Gaston Acurio, famous exponents of the national gastronomy and the huariques, small establishments to enjoy home cooking in any city of the country. As for typical dishes, some that you cannot miss are the traditional ceviche, anticuchos (meat skewers), grilled chicken, green rice with chicken and chicharrón sandwiches, among other delicacies that you will find in the main cities of Peru.

5. You have the best ally in your travels to Peru

In Rap Travel Peru we adapt to your needs to create the itinerary of the trip you always dreamed of knowing that it will not be the first one. Come to us and experience the tradition, adventure and beauty that Peru has to offer.

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