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Plaza de Armas Puno

City Tour Puno

Half Day Tour: Historical Min: 1 person
Carol B
Breathtaking views beyond describable lifetime adventure Very informitive and beautiful views wonderful pictures. I have already sent word to family they MUST come see!! The guides were friendly and helpful!!!
Heath A
Amazing Experience!! An absolute once in a lifetime experience I will never forget! We were met by our guide immediately when stepping out of the train station and he was very friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend anyone coming to Peru to book through Rap Travel Peru!!!
John V
Totally unforgettable!! I was an amazing experience from start to finish. Every checkpoint was smooth and efficient. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone!!!
nick d
Amazing time at Machu Picchu!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏 Had amazing time with some amazing people from rap travel the guide was amazing and very knowledgeable and attentive of everything that he was showing us had great insight and information and made it to where we can understand and enjoy what we were looking at in the history of the site!!!!!👏👏👏📣📣📣📣
Adriano M
Passeios Maravilhosos e equipe receptiva Equipe super prestativa, desde a reserva até os guias turísticos. Fomos atendidos pelo brasileiro Luis, que estava sempre a disposição para ajudar com quaisquer dúvidas ou problemas. Os guias também foram super receptivos e bem dispostos a ajudar. Recomendo 100%
Yoselin A
Mejores Días en Perú Desde el primer día la atención y servicio fueron excelentes, muy buenas recomendaciones sobre lugares donde comer, conocer y los mejores guías/fotógrafos. Gracias por recibirnos!
Castro Díaz D
Experiencia increíble en Perú Mi estancia en Cusco con la agencia RAP Travel fue increíble, nos hicieron sentir como en casa desde que llegamos a la ciudad, los tours, guías, atención, todo fue demasiada buena. Recomendable para que vengan a conocer Perú de la mejor manera.
Marco F
Nuestro viaje a Perú. Todo fantástico!! Nos encantó las atenciones de RAP Travel Perú y de todo su personal. Los tours bien planificados, puntuales. Todo A1, nos vamos súper contentos con el servicio. Los recomendamos al 1000%, el cooking class traditional fue excelente. El ceviche de trucha y lomo de alpaca para chuparse los dedos.
Madrily D
Experiencias en Cusco. La experiencia en Perú, fue muy placentera. Nos encantó todo nuestro viaje, la compañía RAP Travel Perú. Nos ayudó muchísimo con la planificación con este viaje. 100% recomendado.
Silvia R
Viaje mágico Excelente experiencia con la agencia rap travel , todos fueron muy amables y nos ayudaron a armar nuestro paquete turístico de acuerdo a nuestras necesidades


Description City Tour in Puno

With the “City Tour in Puno”, you will be able to know the city of Puno in a few hours and the most relevant points of this altiplanic city.

PUNO is one of the highest cities in Peru and the fifth highest in the world. The physical space is comprised of the western shore of Lake Titicaca, in the inner bay of Puno on a slightly undulating surface (the central part), surrounded by hills. The upper part of the city has a semi-flat surface (My Peru Community, Yanamayo). It oscillates between 3,810 and 4,050 meters above sea level.

In the Puno Region, the oldest urban center of the area was organized, called Pucara, which is part of the City Tour in Puno, with a monumental architecture, sculpture and valuable ceramics. There culminated all the previous stage of domestication of high Andean plants and animals and then forged what would become the civilization of Tiahuanaco. Since that time began the construction of large buildings in the form of elongated and truncated pyramids, which would later characterize the Pucara. Approximately around 200 to 300 AD.

When Tiahuanaco broke down between the XII and XIII centuries, several independent kingdoms were formed: the Qollas, with centers in Atuncolla and Sillustani; the Lupacas with centers in Juli and Chucuito with notable settlements such as Cochacacha and the Pacajes, around the Desaguadero.

CITY TOUR IN PUNO, is a totally different way to make the tour in Puno with Chucuito or Uros, as it takes better advantage of the day, keep in mind that Uros is part of the tour to Amantani, being in Peru you must also make the tour to Machu Picchu.

Enjoy the City Tour in Puno


  • Puno (4,050 masl)


Puno – Plaza de Armas – C. Dreyer Museum – Cerro Huajsapata – Puno

  • 09.00 hrs The City Tour begins with the transfer from the hotel to the Plaza de Armas and we start the visit:
  • PLAZA DE ARMAS, It was built in the old Supay Wasi (House of the Devil), in the central part we could find a bronze basin, which was replaced with the monument of Colonel Francisco Bolognesi.
  • CARLOS DREYER MUSEUM (additional entrance), which shows us a passage through pre-Inca times, until colonial times. It has rooms of the Andean cultures such as Pukara, Tiahuanaco and Inca. And it also gives us an overview of life in the Spanish colony. A great museum to visit without a doubt.
  • CATHEDRAL OF PUNO, built in the seventeenth century and with the rank of minor basilica. The facade was sculpted and worked in stone by the Peruvian master builder Simón de Asto. The Cathedral of Puno was built on the so-called Supay Kancha or the Cerco del Diablo and is a sample of the Spanish baroque style that includes Andean elements that give the monument a mestizo character.
  • CERRO HUAJSAPATA, this very traditional hill for the Puno people is a natural viewpoint from where you can see the city and Lake Titicaca; it has a monument of the Inca Manco Capac, founder of the Inca Empire. It is said that in the hill there are caverns through which subway roads run that communicate Puno with the temple of Koricancha, in the city of Cusco.
  • WITCH MARKET OF LAYKAKOTA, we will visit the witches market of Laykakota so that you can learn a little more about our idiosyncrasy and ancestral traditions of our people.
  • ARCO DEUSTUA, located 3 blocks from the main street in Puno, is this monument built in honor of the Peruvians who fought in the battle of Junin and Ayacucho, has two gazebos on the sides. This monument has a lot of historical and moral value. From this point we will continue the tour in Puno in a pedestrian way with our guide to visit and know:
  • PINO PARK and JR LIMA, located in the center of the city of Puno, in the center is a monument to Dr. Manuel Pino, hero of the war with Chile; And where is the shrine of the Virgin of Candelaria patron saint of Puno. Continuous to it is the main street of all Puno (Jr. Lima) its streets are embodied figures of the main dances of the region, in this street we can find souvenirs, restaurants, lodgings, exchange houses, banks, etc.




  • Private transportation
  • Bilingual professional guide
  • Entrance


  • Tips
  • Entrance fee to the Carlos Dreyer Museum (S/. 15.00 optional).
  • Personal expenses


  • Warm clothing or windbreaker
  • Hat or cap
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera and batteries



City Tour Puno


Minimum 02 persons


  • Private transportation
  • Bilingual professional guide
  • Entrance

Photo Gallery The best of the Tour!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the City Tour Puno

The City Tour in Puno lasts approximately half a day, usually starting around 9:00 in the morning. This schedule allows visitors to make the most of their time in the city and explore its key points of interest. The duration of the tour is sufficient to visit the scheduled places and learn about the history and culture of Puno from an expert guide.

During the City Tour in Puno, visitors have the opportunity to explore several prominent places in the city. Some of the points of interest include the Plaza de Armas, which is the heart of the city and hosts significant monuments, the Carlos Dreyer Museum, which displays cultural and historical artifacts, and Cerro Huajsapata, which offers panoramic views of Puno and Lake Titicaca. Additionally, the tour visits the Mercado de Brujas de Laykakota, where visitors can learn about the region’s ancestral traditions.

Most of the places visited during the City Tour in Puno do not require an additional entrance fee, as the cost of admission is included in the tour price. However, the Carlos Dreyer Museum may have an optional entrance fee of approximately S/. 15.00. This provides visitors with the choice to explore the museum’s exhibitions more extensively if they wish.

The City Tour in Puno is accompanied by a professional bilingual guide. These guides are trained to provide visitors with valuable information about the history of Puno, its cultural heritage, and the places they visit. They provide details about the architecture, traditions, and local customs, enriching visitors’ experiences and helping them better understand the city and its surroundings.

When visiting Cerro Huajsapata during the City Tour in Puno, visitors can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city of Puno and Lake Titicaca. In addition to being a natural viewpoint, the hill houses a monument in honor of Inca Manco Cápac, the legendary founder of the Inca Empire. Guides provide information about the history and cultural significance of this site while visitors take in the panoramic view.

During the visit to the Mercado de Brujas de Laykakota on the City Tour in Puno, visitors can learn more about local traditions and customs. This market is known for offering a variety of products related to Andean culture and traditional medicine. Local vendors sell herbs, amulets, natural products, and items related to spirituality. It’s a unique opportunity to explore Puno’s rich cultural heritage and learn about the enduring ancestral practices.

During your journey on the City Tour in Puno, it is essential to follow some recommendations to ensure a pleasant and safe experience. Here are some key suggestions:

  • Appropriate clothing, due to Puno’s altitude and variable climate, it is advisable to wear warm or windproof clothing.
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Camera
  • Hydration
  • Cash








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